Converting Video Generated by Go-To-Meeting

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Go-to-meeting, the online collaboration and screen casting tool produces video using its own special codec, the g2m3. It makes for really small files, but is not a standard codec installed in any kind of video editing package.

All is not lost. Go-to-meeting provides this codec on their site for windows media player. Copying the codec files into your favorite video editor’s codecs folder will enable it to read these files. For this example, I’ll be using the free version of the ‘any video converter’.

Install both the gotomeeting codec from their site and the ‘any video converter‘.

The go-to-meeting codec installer will place the codec dll files here:
C:\Program Files\Citrix\GoToMeeting\366

Copy the DLL files into the codecs folder of the ‘any video converter’.
C:\Program Files\AnvSoft\Any Video Converter\codecs

Now avc will be able read and work with these files.

Thanks to the owner and viewers of the smartbear blog for pointing me in the right direction.

8 responses to “Converting Video Generated by Go-To-Meeting”

  1. Syl Avatar

    Thank you for this!!! It’s exactly what we needed today and it seems to work quite well. Much simpler than the other solutions discussed. Actually, it’s the only one that’s worked so far :)

  2. Eric Avatar

    Thanks, this helped a lot! Although, for me the DLL’s were in the 452 folder (not 366) and I used DVDFAST’s Fast Video Converter (just put the DLL’s in its directory).

  3. Rick Avatar


    Thank you for this tip. Converting WMVs with the g2m3 codec has had me processing the file in MS Expression Engine to make it work with other conversion programs then processing it *again* to actually make it an FLV.

    This tip has saved me a step and lots of time (as I convert several videos a day at work). Thanks again!

    – Rick

  4. iLico Avatar

    thanx a lot for those hints. it helped.

  5. Paul Avatar


    I will give that a go.



  6. Bongu BalaChandar Avatar
    Bongu BalaChandar

    HI — Thanks a lot… worked like a charm to play the freezing go to meeting player files after a fast forward or at the beginning of the video itself..

  7. Indranil Chatterjee Avatar
    Indranil Chatterjee

    Thnak you very much for sharing this details. It worked for me.

  8. frustrated_no_more Avatar

    Thank you VERY much for this — worked great.

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