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On March 8th, the reCaptcha team announced they’re changing their API URL, effective Apr. 11th, 2011.

As others have pointed out, really poor communication from reCaptcha guys. Use your blog, put it on slashdot, reach out to the communities listed on your site. Don’t just yank the rug out from under folks. A month isn’t anywhere near long enough for this important change to trickle out to all the folks integrating with your service. Paypal gave a year and a half worth of notice to is developer community before switching its api urls and that wasn’t long enough either.

Really minor change for zend framework users or other scripting languages.
ZF hasn’t offically said when they’ll update their code. There is a bug report for it.

Here is what change to get ZF ReCaptcha service working again:

* URI to the regular API
* @var string
const API_SERVER = '';

* URI to the secure API
* @var string
* URI to the verify server
* @var string
const VERIFY_SERVER = '';
#The old urls are still working but are being redirected.

ReCaptcha has already reflected this in their documentation.


2 responses to “ReCaptcha Users – Update your URL”

  1. Pedro Agrelos Avatar
    Pedro Agrelos


    The VERIFY_SERVER cannot be (returns 405 – The request method POST is inappropriate for the URL /).

    I can make successfull validations using

    const VERIFY_SERVER = ‘’;

    Anyway, your post was a good starting point. Thanks :)

    1. derak Avatar

      Good catch. That was a rather important typo. Thanks Pedro.

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