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While looking for something to help php connect to a sftp server I stumbled across libphpsec which is a fantastic library that has no dependencies and works in all versions of php. The documentation takes a "cookbook" approch which works really well for me.

The real genius to this library is it makes no assumptions about your environment.
If a suitable native function doesn't exist, there is a pure php one to pick up the slack.
The following are implemented in pure php:

  • BigIntegers
  • RSA
  • SSH2
  • SFTP
  • X.509
  • Symmetric key encryption

    • AES
    • Rijndael
    • Twofish
    • Blowfish
    • DES
    • 3DES
    • RC4
    • RC2

    I'm amazed that someone loved this problem enough to do this much work on it and thankful he chose to open-source it.
    Terrafrost, if your ever able to make it to the Austin PHP Beverage Subgroup; (4th Wednesday) the drinks are on me guy.



2 responses to “phpseclib is awesome”

  1. terrafrost Avatar

    I've been to some of the meetup's back when they were at Epicom. I'd probably do them more often if they weren't in downtown and if I wasn't in north Austin, close to Round Rock lol.


    That said, I think I can make it to one! They're at The Ginger Man I think now?

    1. derak Avatar

      Its twice a month now. A formal talk on the 2nd Thursday at esc 13 and a social at the ginger man on the 4th Wednesday. The social is usually sponsored so the first round is on them.

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