Do not install Hiri (or use stripe)

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Ok dude. What the hell is “Hiri”? … It sounds like Furi and that’s a awesome boss battle game. Hiri is not awesome; its abandon-ware. It has a slick site and lofty goals to make email suck less. It also has the distinction of being a less sucky way on linux to get a native app talking to microsoft exchange. The developer got funded by an app accelerator in the UK. PCMAG and a few other sites did write ups on it and it ended up on some lists and is actually install-able from the Ubuntu software center.
and appears to be on auto pilot; having made no substantial changes to this app since 2017.

There appears to be lots of support options on their site but none of them will be helpful. I’ve sent dozens of e-mails in the last two years trying to get them to cancel my subscription. I have received zero replies. I even left voice messages on a UK number associated with the company.

This is extremely irk some to me. My current gig (which I’ve had for 16 years) is customer service. The customers are teachers and we LOVE them. They’re core to every decision and supporting any encountered problems is very important to the org and my team. We endeavor to treat them with respect.

If Hiri isn’t a thing you care about anymore; fine.. remove it. Don’t just leave this zombie company out there sucking up money and leaving a wake of disappointment. I’m always telling the kids “make a mess, clean it up.” It’s probably my #2 Dad rule ..sigh..

They’re using Stripe, which has no way for you to appeal charges in their platform. They recommend contacting your bank to dispute a charge. This annual charge ends up being during a busy time of year and gets away from me. Right now I’m still a Hiri customer… hopefully I won’t be next year.

I should have known better and will never put a real credit card into a stripe powered site again.
BTW: is great.


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