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An ask for a contact form that sends data to pardot turned out to be a fun little plug-in.

Code first;

Plug-in hooks into the ‘wpcf7_submit’ action which occurs after a form is submitted successfully and makes a secondary request to a pardot form handler endpoint.

Config is done in contact form 7 using “additional settings”.


  1. Install this plugin and contact form 7.
  2. Make a new contact form.
  3. Make sure the input ‘name’ attributes match your pardot field handles.
  4. On the forms’ Additional Settings page, add the handler url from pardot.
    Example: custom_pardot_form_action_url: ""
  5. Save your form.

Note: If WP_DEBUG is enabled; the plug-in will attempt to write to plugins/output.log
This is useful when trying to debug issues with the form handler.

Note: “custom_pardot_form_action_url” must be present for data to be sent to pardot.
Plug-in ignores any forms which don’t have this.

So what was fun about this?

I was aware of another project by the same author called “Flamingo”. It directs the form data to a database. I enjoyed picking that plug-in apart. There were hints there that are not in the ContactForm7 docs. I guess I was surprised there wasn’t something that already did this and amused that it wasn’t that hard to piece together.


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