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I’m a new convert to using Ubuntu as my full-time development environment. Each change in platform requires some adjustment of development tools and such. Being a user of vagrant means there wasn’t much to change in development setup. PHPStorm is multi-platform, as are the MySQL Workbench tools. Hiri is getting me connect to our exchange email/calendar system and gitKracken has replaced sourcetree. (Come on guys. I really miss sourcetree. ) There’s even a linux version of zoom, though not as feature complete as the windows or mac client.

One possible deal breaker I’ve been fighting with is battery life on this linux laptop. I could get around 6 hours from the 3 year old windows laptop. My new linux laptop gets 2 or 3 tops. Thankfully, Mr. Hodzic has solved that problem for me with his wonderful tool “auto-cpufreq“. It installs as a “snap”. (a sandbox for apps). There is a very useful screen cast right there on the snap home page which explains the what, why and how for this tool. It’s un-complicated, accessible and automatic.
I’m now getting closer to 5 or 6 hours between charges.


sudo snap install auto-cpufreq
sudo auto-cpufreq --install

and your done.
You really should watch the screencast. It’s worth the minutes.
and if you can, please toss Adnan some coin.


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